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About Us

Who We Are

Mindstream-ai is on a mission  to provide Londoners with the technology skills needed to work with some of Europe’s most exciting companies based in and around the Kings Cross Knowledge Quarter.


The Knowledge Quarter encompasses the some of the largest technology employers in Europe with organizations such as Havas Media, Google, Facebook, Expedia, Benevolent AI.

What We Do

We partner with numerous technology companies and educational providers to equip Londoners from disadvantaged and excluded communities with digital and soft skills that foster economic prosperity, financial freedom, and sustainable development, contributing immensely to the tech ecosystem. 

Certified Training

We provide certified training through our partnership with training providers and our initiatives such as the resources platform, short courses, and knowledge days.

Professional Guidance

Through our intensive dedicated Mentorship program and various programs and events, beneficiaries are able to get help and guidance in their learning journey or career field whenever they need it.

Employment Opportunities

We help as many Londoners as possible from disadvantaged and excluded communities get into good jobs within the tech sector.

Meet The Team


Paul Dowling

CEO of Mindstream-ai


Vita Dikariyanto

Programme Manager


Sandra Tusin

COO of Mindstream-ai


Rahmot Afolabi

Hub Cordinator

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